Give your car or motorbike the personal attention it deserves.

A 6 metre high wall surrounds the premises and huge solid timber doors are a further security feature. The Chequered Flag Stables manager lives on the premises constantly monitoring closed circuit TV cameras together with other hi tech security devices.
These constant safeguards for classic car storage are part of a very private environment.
The security of owners assets is the prime consideration of Chequered Flag Stables.

Cars cared for with Chequered Flag Stables enjoy freedom from any dangers or hazards which potentially could be met elsewhere. The secure storage facility was designed specifically to meet the needs of car enthusiasts. Chequered Flag Stables works on an appointment basis to provide an individual client service.

For clients who wish, Chequered Flag Stables can place your car within a sealed plastic enclosure with a constant flow of filtered fresh air passing through it reducing condensation, dust and providing a protective barrier around the car.

A range of other services can be agreed upon such as detailing, concours preparation etc.

The rolling road service is recommended for cars stored with us for an extended period.
A rolling road enables your car to be run at operating temperature continuously for a 20 minute session, once every 4 weeks. The rolling road keeps the battery charged, the gaskets and seals pliable and ensures minimal condensation build-up within the engine, transmission and engine components.
Vehicle owners receive a two page report following each Rolling Road Session of these, keeping owners fully informed of the current condition of a vehicle.   

In addition to rolling road service, Chequered Flag Stables can arrange for dealership services, general detailing, or specific work as required.

Over the years, Chequered Flag Stables has built up a detailed group of specialists in a whole range of areas relating to the requirements of car ownership and storage..

The staff at Chequered Flag Stables go to great lengths to ensure privacy and confidentiality of vehicle ownership. Access to the storage area is prohibited hence the benefits of the appointment system whether picking your car up or returning it to us.

Amongst the client base of Chequered Flag Stables are a number of racing car owners who value the facility for its security and access.

Over the years several motorcycle enthusiasts have been happy to store their bikes within the facility whether they are overseas, interstate or have run out of room at home.

Our car storage has the personal attention to detail that your prized possession requires.
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